A Passion To Learn – To Create – To Share

You hold the keys to your potential.  Never fear the creative process.  You will fail, step back, learn from it and press on… Never stop.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Alan Kay

David Burrell

David Burrell

Inventor, Maker, YouTuber, and DIY CNC Enthusiast

David Burrell is a lifelong inventor and creator. Besides being a CNC enthusiast he also invented the LoopAlien rapid cord attachment device that was successfully launched on Kickstarter.com


I’ve always been fascinated by automated machines and robotics.  Using one machine to create parts for another. The future is designing and creating things for yourself, by yourself.  A CNC machine is just one of the many tools in that future.

So Here I Am

This all started as a “let’s see if you can do it” type of project. Little did I know this personal challenge would lead to what Neo7CNC is today. Having built several CNC machines now, I’ve started working with different types of software, hardware and everything in between.  Learning new things… but more importantly, sharing new things along the way.  We grow as a community of DIY geeks and I love it.

My Goal – My Mission

To bring together a useful set of resources, to aid you on your way to building your own CNC / automated machine or just learning something new. I’m constantly finding new information and resources to share. Even though I include links to “industrial” solutions that may be out of our price range, use that information to find parts on the second hand market or to glean ideas for your own creation… CNC or not.

Learn, Create and Share (though it doesn’t always happen in that order)