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KR33CNC v2 Details

This machine is not yet complete – January, 2018

All aluminum extrusion is 80/20 2″ x 2″ series 10, purchased via the 80/20 store on Ebay.
The uprights are 18 inches tall, 2×2 inches.
The upright braces are Series 10 80/20 aluminum extrusion.
The table is made from 16″ x 16″ x 1/2″ MIC-6 cast aluminum plate with a 15″ x 15″ 1/4-20 hold down pattern, 1 inch spacing.

Table is spaced up from the actuator with precision ground 0.30 spacers for motor clearance.

Linear Motion:
Y axis is a THK KR33 linear actuator with double long blocks and cover.
X axis is a THK KR33 linear actuator with double long blocks.
Z axis is a THK KR33 linear actuator with double long blocks.

THK KR33 linear actuators are an industrial product that combines a linear motion rail system with a ballscrew and motor mount.  This creates a single axis linear motion system that provides smooth motion with extremely high precision and a repeatability.

NEMA 23 DC ClearPath Servo motors with internal controllers from Teknic (1/4 inch shaft model)
USB SmoothStepper is used to connect the PC to the servos
Power supply for servos is a 120vac MeanWell that puts out 48vdc at 5 amps
Power supply for proximity sensors and accessories is Allen-Bradley 24vdc at 2.5 amps
Power supply for 5vdc logic is a MeanWell 5vdc at 0.88 amps
The Spindle is a 2.2kw water cooled spindle with VFD (variable frequency drive)
Spindle cable is from Igus

Miscellaneous Information:
Machine Travel – 14x14x5 inches
Flexible air hose is by Loc-Line