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CAD/CAM Design Software

Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing or Machining – You create the design in CAD and then use CAM software to tell the CNC how to cut the part.

Autodesk Fusion 360 – CAD/CAM software – FREE for hobby users, Affordable for professionals

MeshCAM software (Try before you buy with the 30 day free trial)

CNC control and CAM software (Mach3 and LazyCam) (great software and affordable, limited FREE version available)

CAD/CAM software from (Great designs and user interface, very intuitive, FREE demo)

NCPlot (Allows you to “see” the G-code results before you cut anything – version 1.2 is free! Version 2.3 is awesome)

Tooling and Tool Holding

Bits for cutting plastic from ONSRUD

Collets and collet nuts from


Great information on how to solder metal (Thanks Brendan!)

Great information on car electronics and circuits (Thanks Michelle!)

A great glossary for electricity terms (Thanks Noah!

PoKeys USB I/O board and

Masso CNC controllers


Buttons, enclosures, power supplies, steppers etc from (great source, fast shipping)


ClearPath Brushless DC Servos from Teknic as used on my KR33 CNC machines

Lexium mDrive Hybrid stepper motors from Schneider Electric as used on my larger CNC

Raw Materials, Fasteners, Mechanical, Lights, etc

Fasteners, tools, raw materials etc from (good selection)

Fasteners, tools, raw materials, linear bearings, extrusion etc from (sells just about anything you could need, fast shipping)

Clamps, hand wheels, knobs from

Clamps, fixture and machine components from

Way covers and bellows from

Thumbscrews and knobs from

All kinds of mechanical parts and motors from

LED lights from

Panel wiring raceway, wire terminals etc


Great prices and selection from

Dust Control

Dust Deputy cyclonic vacuum attachment (pre filter) – This thing is awesome!

MEMFLEX Brush strips for vacuum hoods

Loc-Line flexable air and coolant hoses and fittings

Parts Specifically Related to Home CNC

Nice DIY CNC selection including Rack and Pinion drive components

Complete Machines

Miniature CNC lathes and milling machines from

Nice DIY CNC selection including Rack and Pinion drive components

Shopbot CNC machines

Tormach CNC machines

Fabrication and Prototype Services (Can be pricey)

Custom machined control panels and enclosures

Laser cut parts


Modern Machine Shop magazine (not responsible for any CNC lust that may occur from reading this publication)


Light curtains, safety bumpers, safety edges etc

Other CNC related Sites

Large CNC user community

Great information from