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FREE Neo7CNC Design Files – Vol 1

By April 12, 2020July 6th, 20213D Printing, CNC, DIY, How-To, Non-CNC, Uncategorized

Here’s the first installment of Free Neo7CNC Design Files.  I created these files over the years and I’d like to give them away.  Many of them can be 3d printed and there are several that can be machined, either manual or CNC.  The most notable files in this group are the design files for the bracket system I developed that helped me create the KR33 CNC machines.  These CNC machines use the, very easy to work with, aluminum extrusion from 80/20.  Series 10 in the 2 x 2 inch size to be specific. The bracket system allows to to combine THK KR33 linear actuators and the aluminum extrusion into a compact but very capable CNC machine, pick and place machine or whatever contraption you come up with.  I’ve always purchased my 80/20 aluminum extrusion from their store on eBay named 8020inc but they have closed that store.  You can now buy direct from them online or via Amazon.  There are several other files included in this volume,  I’ll list them below:


*** These files are offered AS-IS with no warranties expressed or implied ***

8020 Compatible Brackets – 3-way corner and Sweeping “L” brackets

PDF of Dremel Tool Mount Design – No longer have design files 🙁

K-Bracket V2 Unproduced – Different design of K-Bracket that allows you to adjust the bracket position with out having to remove the THK actuator

KR33CNC V1 and V2 – all the brackets and different revisions used to create the KR33 based CNC machines – PRODUCTION FILES ARE FURTHER DOWN

LED Light Can – small aluminum can to hold a single high power LED chip (Project Page with Video HERE)

Motor Bracket – Used to connect a DMM DYN-2 servo

Production KR33 CNC Part Files – The actual files that were sent to the CNC shop to be produced (Video Explanation HERE – Older Neo7CNC YouTube Video)

Small Strap Clamp – Small strap clamp design for use on the KR33 CNC tables.  Has slot for positioning and 1/4-20 threaded jack screw position

Tumbler V2 – various parts that I used to build my first decent parts tumbler (ball mill).  Also uses 80/20 extrusion (Project Page HERE and Video HERE)

4x7x1-Bin – A 3d printable 4x7x1 inch, stackable tray.  I use two in my tool boxes to hold taps

NEMA17-NEMA23 Adapter

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The ZIP file containing the files above can be downloaded directly from the Neo7CNC website HERE (22.5Mb)

David Burrell

David Burrell - A lifelong inventor, designer and creator. Besides being a CNC enthusiast and maker, he also invented the LoopAlien and patented QuickIT cord attachment devices that were successfully launched on Kickstarter.