CNC - Computer Numerical Control

What started as a "let's see if you can do it"
project, quickly became a passion.
Now I make things with technical tendencies.



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Neo7CNC - Subwoofer 360

Make A Custom Subwoofer With The X-Carve CNC From Inventables

| CNC, DIY, How-To, Start to Finish | No Comments
After stumbling across a fantastic video by Hexibase on YouTube, I created this "flat pack" subwoofer design that could be cut on the X-Carve CNC from Inventables.  I used his…

FREE Neo7CNC Design Files – Vol 1

| 3D Printing, CNC, DIY, How-To, Non-CNC, Uncategorized | No Comments
Here's the first installment of Free Neo7CNC Design Files.  I created these files over the years and I'd like to give them away.  Many of them can be 3d printed…
Neo7CNC - Tray Top

Making an heirloom serving tray with the X-Carve CNC machine from Inventables

| CNC, DIY, How-To, Software | No Comments
I created this serving tray after seeing my parents use an old one at our last family reunion. The tray had a similar hole pattern with about 6 pegs that…